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January 19, 2012

Bridal Shower Tips

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Bridal Shower is a unique party usually organized by the female friends of a bride on the night before the actual wedding day.  It’s usually a very unique opportunity for the bride to receive   gifts in cash and in kind from her friends.  In most cases, the gifts are meant to make the wedding event successful.   Discussed below are some tips you need to grab in order to make the bridal shower party successful.

· Send Invitations to Friends early enough

If you must stage the bridal shower party successfully, you need to send invitations to your female friends several weeks before the party day. Let them know the exact time and venue of the event. You can send reminders to them through phone SMS or through the email.

· Choose a nice Party Venue

You need to choose a nice party venue for the event.  It can be held in a small banquet hall. It can also be held in your house or at a friends’ home. Whichever place you choose, make sure   the area is well decorated with flowers and other materials. It’s important you choose a venue that will not attract any charges. This will help you to save some cash for the main wedding event.

· Organize Delicious Meals and drinks

Your female friends who will be attending the bridal Shower party ought to be treated to nice dishes and drinks. However, you don’t need to spend much on these. All you need is to make sure you have some   malted drinks, juices and nice meals on ground.  When they eat and drink, they’ll be motivated to make donations and also present whatever gifts they come with.

In all, it’s necessary to let your friends know more about the details of the wedding events during the bridal shower. This will enable them to offer the necessary assistance required when the actual wedding event begins.

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